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In September, the store was closed a day for the band Royal Canoe to shoot the video for their song Birthday. It’s out! It looks great. It’s a bit unusual and dream-oriented but most interesting. Royal Canoe’s videos are often different, which is appropriate to their music.

Have a look and listen. The restaurant looks awesome. The band and the production crew were all great folks. It was a lot of fun and we’re happy they found and selected Shake Rabble & Roll as the scene for their vision.

Souvlaki On A BunGreek and Good!

Tender pork or moist chicken marinaded with our own herbs and spices, the choice is yours when you order our souvlaki on a bun.

Served on a foot long fresh bun, this sandwich is a meal in itself.  The meat is tender and delicious and grilled to perfection.

Top it off with tomatoes and tzaziki or whatever you’re craving from our topping choices to make this a mouth watering meal.  Once you’ve had one, you’ll be craving more!

Steak SandwichCome on in and order up a delicious steak sandwich!

We use thick, tender cowboy steaks and we cook them to your liking.  The thick, juicy steak is melt in your mouth good and served on a fresh kaiser bun. You can top this sandwich with your choice of goodies.  I prefer steak sauce and fried onions! So good.

Next time you’re in the mood for meat, try our steak sandwich.

You’ll be glad that you did.

Shake Appreciation Night

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Sorry For Any Inconvenience – Closed For The Day September 24

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