A Piece of History

37McLaughlinThe McLaughlin Motor Car Company started building cars in 1907. By 1923, McLaughlin-Buick was a part of General Motors of Canada. Samuel McLaughlin (of Col. Sam Drive fame) and his brother George ran the company in those times.

The story of this vehicle came to light to us this week.

This beauty belonged to George. It is believed that is was built specially for George. This 1937 McLaughlin Buick sat in a climate controlled warehouse for 50 years. No one knew the vehicle existed until George passed away. He left the vehicle to a relative, who has been having fun bringing it to cruiser shows. It’s the only one of its kind still on the road and it’s in awesome shape.

Drop in on a Monday or Saturday and check it out. It’s there most Shake Cruiser Shows.

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